How to get google adsense approval for a new blog - A complete guide

Hello readers, In this post I will guide you how you can easily get google adsense approval to show ads on your website. I am just telling some simple ways. You just need to follow all the guidelines of google and google will never reject your application. So, how i get approval on my website So, here it is

1. Follow all the google guidelines, read them carefully and do whatever you need to do as per the policy.

2. Write 100% unique content. Your website must not have any copyrighted content from any other website. Do not try to copy paste other website content because it is against google policy and also your website will get penalized for doing this. Google never rank copyrighted content so, work hard and smart to write quality and unique content.

3. Create all important pages like about us page for your website, privacy policy page, contact us, terms and conditions, disclaimer.

4. Write at least 10-15 posts before applying for adsense.

5. Share it on social media, make your website social profile, create web2.0 links.

6. That's it. It is enough to surely make your website for adsense approval.